lauantai 6. kesäkuuta 2009

7 things about me

I have been tagged by sukigirl
to write 7 random things about myself.

1. I love coffee much! Usually I drink it black but sometimes, in some nice place, I drink chocolate coffee or something else. I also like different kind of teas. If I drink too much coffee I may be several days without it.

2. I need quite much time to bee just by myself. Social living is sometimes hard to me although I sure need it. So it´s just a question of combining it.

3. I´m a curious person. I love to learn something new about anything. Correspondingly I usually get quickly bored :)

4. I´m very emotional. I feel always really bad when I read or hear about people suffering, especially children. I worry about pollution and greenhouse effect a lot. I handle my feelings by writing songs, poems, and stories also.

5. Despite previous answer I´m still very positive. And I always try to look the bright side of the things. I love to live and I love all feelings, they only show that I´m human being. You can learn something from every moment here.

6. I lost my little brother in traffic accident when he was nearly 15 and I was nearly 18. Well, I made it ( 16 years ago) but I still wonder sometimes what would he look like and what he would do etc.

7. I´m not living typical life, I think. I got my kids quite early age and got married. Now I finally got some plans of my own occupation and I´m really happy. I hope that I learn a lot of new things. Handicrafts, new languages, science, religion, other name it!

Tag you're it...but only if you want to play!


4 kommenttia:

Kate kirjoitti...

Thanks for the tag, I'm sorry to hear you lost a brother, I can imagine you would always wonder about them.
Love your socks below and great new books.

sukigirl kirjoitti...

It's wonderful to read your list and learn a little more about you.
I'm so sorry about you losing your brother especially at such a young age.
What was he like?

Pami kirjoitti...

Kiitos haasteesta! Katsotaan keksinkö vielä mitään itsestäni. Olen näihin haasteisiin muutaman kerran tainnut vastata. Ja vastaan kyllä suomeksi, josta tulikin mieleen, mitä voisin kertoa: haluaisin niin kovin opetella kunnolla englannin! TAi osaan minä sitä, mutta olen epävarma käyttämään sitä.

Olipa surullista lukea veljestäsi!

Rebekka kirjoitti...

Kiitos, vastaan nappaan tämän meemin, mutta teen sen suomeksi.
Iloista sadepäivää :)